Scout Software


Scout Topography software is provided with all models. There are no additional modules to purchase and updates are free for download to registered users. Network your entire office and if you wish, install it in your laptop for mobile use.


The suite is extremely flexible, allowing user customization of desktop views, printer templates, toolbars and much more. Contact EyeQuip for a complimentary, no obligation webinar demonstration.


Image Capture

The cornea must block an exact portion of the beam for capture to occur.

Software & Specifications

Downloaded Software Updates Are Free.  LAN Functions Are Included At No Charge. Training is included.


Software is the heart of the our topographers.  All topographers use the same quick 32 bit or 64 bit Windows software package.


Windows™ XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8; LAN at no additional charge. Free updates for downloading.

True Curvature mapping: IROC (local/instantaneous) curvature; Axial mapping; Absolute and Normalized and Adjustable Scales;  Difference mapping in curvature or height format; Comparison mapping; Move Axis Mapping from vertex, pupil center, or any location; Height mapping in micron steps; 3D Maps; Meridian profile in any meridian.

Keratoconus detection with CLMI indices

Multiple K reading formats;  Maloney Indices for abnormal corneas;

Pupil measurement: Visible light Diameter and Offset plus IR pupillometry.

Corneal OPD Mapping displays corneal aberration.

Automatic Repeatability Check: Maps that deviate from others are tagged for deletion.

Database "Tree" structure by date, alpha, group, or operator.

Patient Follow Up Tracking Feature: Graph indices over time.

Automatic patient data entry on subsequent visits, just highlight a prior test.

Click or Drag single or multiple tests from database to the Scout "desktop" for viewing.

Select and place multiple tests from multiple patients in a "toolbox" for simultaneous evaluation or "test manager" for printing, e mail or export. (This feature allows you to wait until the end of the day to print the entire day's tests at one time.)

Built in digital image capture allow you to capture still or movie digital images.

View up to 16 maps at one time, click on any map to enlarge.

All common operations by menu or button command.

Custom printer output and custom letter templates. Design your own templates Multiple print templates are a feature that is unique to the Scout software. With different printer templates you have the ability to select different print outputs for different scenarios. For example you may want to design a specific template for patient information for a laser center, a contact lens lab, a referral to another physician, your own file copy and even a handout for the patient to take home to show their family and coworkers.

Multiple default display options, design the way you want the maps to process and desktop to look. Pointer values, K readings, Maloney indices, e values and pupil data displayed with each map.

Design up to eight contact lenses for each eye. Make adjustments to any of the eight and compare.

The Scout has its own advanced contact lens software.  In addition there are third party software packages also available for use with the Scout. Wave Contact Lens Design Software

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