Slit Lamp Mounted Scout Topographer


With its specially designed mounting arm, the Scout mounts in your slit lamp's standard focus rod mounting hole in seconds. (Or remove it in a few seconds.) Use the slit lamp joystick to position the Scout for image capture. Capture by depressing either a foot switch or acquisition button on the Scout panel. All our topographers share the same software suite.

Table Mounted Scout Topographer


The Table Top Scout combines the slit lamp adapter arm with a joystick base and patient chin rest into one unit. This model offers complete flexibility to your practice. If a patient is unable to reach the chin rest, slip the Scout off the arm to capture images. Or move the unit to a slit lamp. Or purchase a battery and you have a mobile portable unit. Capture is identical to the slit lamp model, either foot switch or acquisition button. All our topographers share the same software suite.

The Keratron family of Corneal Topographers offer unsurpassed versatility and features.


The Scout with full sized features (including IR and standard pupillometry) and three configurations: portable use with a battery, slit lamp or table top mounted. Order adapter accessories later to convert to another model. The economical Piccolo Topographer, mounts on a slit lamp as needed or permanently on an optional table top mount.


There is no compromise in accuracy or reproducibility regardless of the model. All use our patented auto image capture system insuring <+/- .10D variability between images …even when off-center. All use the same Placido cone, same capture technique, same extreme accuracy and same USB connectivity. All are supplied with our complete topography software suite, including corneal aberrometry, pupillometry, Wave Custom Contact Lens Software and free software updates.


Corneal Aberrometry and IOL Selection


Corneal aberrometry maps are a standard feature of Scout software. These maps clearly display low and high order Zernike aberrations that can be individually removed from the map for better understanding of problems. View point spread functions, simulated Snellen charts and night scenes, Zernike information and more. You can even import and subtract whole eye Zernike wave front data to map internal aberration.


Battery Powered Portable Scout


Take the topographer to the patient rather than the patient to the topographer. Image capture is quick and simple: align the cornea in the built-in LCD screen and click the acquisition button to capture up to eight images. Capture only occurs at the correct point in space. Once placed in the docking base, data is transferred via USB and the battery is recharged. All our topographers share the same software suite.

Keratron Piccolo Topographer


The Piccolo uses the latest technology in miniaturization while still offering the highest levels of reliability and accuracy at a very competitive price. Essentially it the Slit Lamp Scout without IR pupillometry or the built-in alignment monitor. Instead, the operator views the connected computer's monitor and depresses a foot switch. Its features, combined with its attractive price make it a perfect candidate for satellite offices. All our topographers share the same software suite.


When not mounted on a slit lamp, the Piccolo rest on its combination power supply/storage base.

Hardware Specifications


Most specifications are common to all models, differences are noted.


Image acquisition: Auto-capture, centering not required; Keratron - Auto L/R detection. Scout/Piccolo - Manual L/R input


Alignment Monitor: Keratron - Integrated CRT monitor, Scout - Integrated LCD monitor, Piccolo - Computer Monitor


Focusing Device: Patented infrared, automatic capture system with correction for decentration


Image processing: Capture and process up to eight images


Range, Resolution: 33.75-3.38 mm; 10-100 diopters, +/- 0.01 diopters, 1 micron


Mires projector: Cone with 28 border rings


Data points: 70,000 analyzed; 7,168 points measured.


Ring diameter: 0.33mm (inner) / 10.7mm (outer).


Weight (vk head): Keratron - 40 lb.; Scout - 3 to 3.5 lb


Calibration: In office, test sphere supplied.


Computer/Monitor: User Supplied -  Pentium IV 1.6 GHz 256 Mb RAM; Win 2000, XP, Vista


Printer: User Supplied - and HP Inkjet or equivalent.


Power: 120 V AC


Communications: Link to Outlook or Outlook Express



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